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Introducting Scholastic BookFiles™ — Making Sure Kids Don't Miss a Thing!

Scholastic is pleased to announce Scholastic BookFiles — the only series of reading companions available to help students get the most out of modern middle-grade fiction. The fresh, appealing books have been designed specifically with students in mind — all text is arranged in short chapters, with language and style directed at young readers.

Because they are specifically written for children, Scholastic BookFiles differ from other reading guides. Unlike other supplementary study aids, the BookFiles do not rehash the novel's plot in detail, and cannot simply be read in place of the assigned novel. Each guide contains only a very brief plot summary, and teachers were consulted during the development of the series to ensure the content enriches a child's reading experience — but is not a substitute for reading the book itself.

Things you will only find in Scholastic BookFiles:

• Author interviews about the title and on writing
• How the novel came about
• Descriptions of the setting, time, and place to better understand the novel
• Explanations of themes and layers of meaning
• Activities to enrich book reports
• Glossaries of challenging words used in the novel
• Writing activities and related reading

The benefits of the Scholastic BookFiles series are threefold.

• Students will use them to help fashion creative book reports, think about the novel in new ways, discover information about the author and his or her way of writing, and to participate in activities tailored to each novel.
• Teachers will use them to enliven class discussions — each BookFile is full of thought-provoking questions, exciting activities for classroom connections, and information about the author that is not available in standard reference tools or on the Internet.
• Parents will use them to catch up on their child's reading, enliven reading discussions with their children, and as a starting point for at-home activities.

To see the current list of Scholastic BookFiles Reading Guides and read author comments, click here.

Scholastic BookFiles are available wherever you buy books. Also available in ebooks wherever ebooks are sold.

This free reading guide is in PDF format. To download this file, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version4.0 or higher). If you do not have this software already installed, click here to download it FREE.

*It will take over 7 minutes to download this file on a 56K connection.

What books would you like to see added to the series? Please send us your suggestions.