Scholastic RED Professional development for K-12 teachers and administrators
Important Information About the Availability of Scholastic RED
With RED you get the tools you need to measure the results of your professional development:

  • Online Progress Reports
  • Effectiveness Reports
  • Classroom Observation
  • Customized Evaluation Services
  • Ongoing Support to Sustain Success
  • The Scholastic RED online and in-person model gives you maximum flexibility and convenience.
  • You’ll be supported by the RED team every step of the way:
    • Dedicated Implementation Manager
    • Needs Assessment
    • Customized Implementation Plan
    • Online Learner Progress and Assessment Reports
    • Data Evaluation and Measures of Success
High Quality
Working with RED means working with the nation’s most respected researchers and educators. Our faculty ensures that RED is built upon the latest research in reading instruction. Meet the Faculty
Easy-to-Implement High Quality Accountable High Quality Accountable Easy-to-Implement