Scholastic RED Professional development for K-12 teachers and administrators

PLEASE NOTE: Register for graduate credit only after you have started your online course. All participants must register within 10 days of starting their course in order to qualify for graduate credit.

Graduate Credit
Collaboration between Scholastic RED and Chapman University (accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges) allows educators to register for graduate credit from Chapman University. Credit hours per course are listed on the table below. Chapman's main campus is located in Orange County, California, with many branches throughout California and Washington. Credits may be transferred to a degree program but participants should first consult with the degree-granting organization for this permission. Credits are generally used for teacher certification and/or salary enhancement purposes.

Graduate Credit Costs
Course tuition ($55/credit hour; 3 units of credit) $165
No application or registration fees  

Course Requirements
  • Participate in all required online sessions.
  • No writing assignments are required.
  • Upon completion of the Scholastic RED course, send a copy of your RED Course Record to Chapman University.
To send a copy of your RED Course Record, log-in to Scholastic RED using your user name and password. From the Scholastic RED Homepage, click the My Course Record button on the left side of the page. Click the Email My RED Course Record link and follow the instructions. Be sure to check the box for Chapman University.

The grading criteria are:

A 18-20
B 16-17
C 14-15
D 12-13
F 11 and below

Online Registration

To register, go to this secure online registration site by clicking on or cutting and pasting the link below to your browser:

Upon completion of each course a grade report from Chapman University will be mailed to your home address approximately three weeks following the posting of grades. Transcripts from Chapman University are available for $10.00. To request a transcript call Chapman University Registrar at: 1-800-392-8704.

Instructor: Dr. Tim Ham
Class contact for grade: Dr. Tim Ham
Phone: 623-297-5668

Full course title and number: Select from the following options. Include full title and number.

Course Title Course Number Credit Hours
Building Foundational Skills: Phonics, Word Study, and Comprehension ED/B 9972 3
6 Traits: Building a Foundation for Writing ED/D 9383 3
6 Traits: Assessing and Teaching Writing ED/D 9283 3
Developing Foundations for Early Childhood Success, Pre-K ED/D 9284 3
Putting Reading First in Your Classroom, Grades K-2 ED/D 9091 3
Building Fluency, Grades K-2 ED/D 9090 3
Improving Fluency, Grades 3-8 ED/D 9096 3
Guided Reading: Making It Work in Your Classroom ED/D 9098 3
Exploring the Lexile Framework for Reading ED/D 9384 3
Building Decoding Skills and Strategies, Grades 3-5 ED/D 9095 3
Improving Decoding Skills and Strategies, Grades 6-8 ED/D 9097 3
Improving Reading Comprehension, Grades 3-5 ED/D 9094 3
Middle School Literacy: Improving Text Comprehension ED/D 9088 3
High School Literacy: Comprehension Through Active, Strategic Reading ED/D 9089 3
READ 180: Best Practices for Reading Intervention ED/D 9178 3
ReadAbout: Improving Nonfiction Reading Comprehension, Grades 3 - 8 ED/D 9282 3
Zip Zoom English: Reading Success for English Language Learners ED/D 9281 3
Reading Success for English Language Learners, Grades K-3 ED/D 9093 3
Building Vocabulary for Reading Success, Grades K-3 ED/D 9092 3
READ 180: Making it Work in Your Classroom ED/D 9087 3
Strategies for Teaching Striving Readers: A Course for All Secondary Teachers ED/D 9177 3
Supporting Secondary Teachers in Literacy Instruction: A Course for Middle and High School Literacy Coaches ED/D 9175 2
Leading a Literacy-Focused School: A Course for Middle and High School Principals ED/D 9176 2

Location of class: Enter the city and state where the course is being taken.

Class date(s): The course start date will be the date you register for the course with Chapman University. You must register for graduate credit within 10 days of logging in to Scholastic RED and beginning the course. The course end date is 90-days after the course start date.

Course Fee: $165

Purchase Order Payments: Fax Purchase Order to 623-572-7495, Attention Chapman University. Registration will not be complete until the Purchase Order is received.

Complete the registration information. Then, click "Submit." Your registration is not complete until you receive a Conformation Number. Please print this page for your records. If you provided a correct email address, the system will send you payment verification upon successful completion of your registration and a registration verification number. If you have questions, comments or concerns about your registration with the Chapman University, send an email to Dr. Tim Ham for a prompt response.

Graduate Credit for Scholastic RED Professional Development Courses
Effective professional development requires that teachers reflect on their learning and refine their teaching based on that reflection. Teachers enrolled in Scholastic RED courses study and apply the research-based components of effective reading instruction and reading strategies. Over a period of several weeks, teachers implement and refine these strategies as they work towards transforming their online coursework into classroom practice.

Participants applying for graduate credit for RED courses must adhere to the following requirements:
  • Scholastic RED participants will be allowed to enroll in and earn graduate credit for only two Scholastic RED courses per semester/quarter (corresponding to university Fall (September-December), Winter/Spring (January-May), and Summer (June-August) semesters/quarters).
  • Each RED course must be completed in no fewer than 5 weeks and no more than 15-weeks.
  • Participants must register for graduate credit within 10 days of logging in to their Scholastic RED course.
Graduate credit requirements and policies may vary by university. Check with the university where you are applying for graduate credit to ensure that you meet its requirements.