Scholastic RED Professional development for K-12 teachers and administrators
Graduate Credit for Scholastic RED Professional Development Courses

PLEASE NOTE: Register for graduate credit only after you have started your online course. All participants must register within 10 days of starting their course in order to qualify for graduate credit.

Effective professional development requires that teachers reflect on their learning and refine their teaching based on that reflection. Teachers enrolled in Scholastic RED courses study and apply the research-based components of effective reading instruction and reading strategies. Over a period of several weeks, teachers implement and refine these strategies as they work towards transforming their online coursework into classroom practice.

Participants applying for graduate credit for RED courses must adhere to the following requirements:
  • Scholastic RED participants will be allowed to enroll in and earn graduate credit for only two Scholastic RED courses per semester/quarter (corresponding to university Fall (September-December), Winter/Spring (January-May), and Summer (June-August) semesters/quarters).
  • Each RED course must be completed in no fewer than five weeks. The maximum time to complete a course varies by university and ranges from 15 weeks to one year.
  • Participants must register for graduate credit within 10 days of logging-in to their Scholastic RED course.
Grading Policy
End-of-Course Assessment/Course Review
The final assessment for each RED course, called "Course Review," assesses your ability to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the course material. Scholastic RED gives you the opportunity to retake the assessment if you are not satisfied with your initial score. You will be given a new set of 20 questions. RED will recognize the best score as the final one.

Grading the Review
Scholastic RED's university partners determine the credit requirements for each RED course and conduct an evaluation of student work. Many of RED's university partners determine students' grades by using the score on the Course Review. No officer of Scholastic RED or of the university can change a student's Review score.