Hunger Games Teaching Resources
What is fluency?
Discussion Guide for The Hunger Games
Build understanding of the storyline and spark debate with this synopsis and 14 plot-related questions.

Downloadable Activities:
Conducting Read Aloud
Discussion Points
Use The Hunger Games booktalk to initiate discussion on relevant issues such as ritual, war, and survival.
Implementing Assisted Reading
Look Inside The Hunger Games
Search for words and find specific pages for study in Chapter One. Plus download a PDF of the chapter for class handouts.
Performance  Reading
Booktalk Video
Use the audio/video version of booktalk in your class to motivate listeners and augment your booktalk text.
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Fluency Strategies in Action
Discussion Guide for Catching Fire
Eighteen questions to get students thinking critically are preceded by a quick recap of the plot.
Showcasing Fluency
Discussion Points
A highlight of the second book helps open dialogue on cooperation and teamwork, grief and loss, and understanding self.
Getting Parents Involved
Look Inside Catching Fire
Use this interactive version of Catching Fire's first chapter while students follow along with copies of the PDF for Chapter One.
Assessing Reading and Reading Fluency
Booktalk Video
Engage students with the video version of this succinct summary of the second book in the trilogy. Hear the author read from Chapter Two.
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Discussion Guide for Mockingjay
Get a summary and 23 thought-provoking questions for the final book in the series. Access study materials for class work comparing the books, making literary and historical connections, and more.
Tips on Choosing Audiobooks
Chapter One Video
Students become aware of the author's personal interpretation of characters as she reads her own work.
Setting the Stage for Readers Theater
The third book ties plot elements together and gives resolution to character relationships. Download the PDF for Chapter One.
Preparing for Read Aloud
The Hunger Games Reader
Capitalize on student interest in this compelling trilogy to keep them reading with a list of similar books in the genre.
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Suzanne Collins
Learn the author's process as she describes in this downloadable interview what influenced the creation of the trilogy, discusses writing about brutal subjects in a sensitive manner, explains the difference between constructing a novel and a screenplay, and more.
Tips on Choosing Audiobooks
Video Interview
Hear, straight from the author, the backstory to the best-selling trilogy’s characters and plot.
Setting the Stage for Readers Theater
Q and A
Suzanne Collins talks to Scholastic about her views on violence in society, what drew her to science fiction, her concerns about reality TV, and more.
Preparing for Read Aloud
Author Bio
Facts and figures about Suzanne Collins and the three books that make up The Hunger Games trilogy.
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