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Create a seasonal postcard

You can choose fun backgrounds and objects to create a picture, then write a message for your card. After you write your card, it will be posted on the site. You can then view your card, or see postcards from other students. Note: These cards are not e-mailed.

Kids: Ask your parents or teachers and read our Privacy Policy before you write. Don't put any personal information like your last name or e-mail address in your message. Before being posted, your submission will be reviewed to ensure that it does not contain any inappropriate language.

Creating Your Postcard
Here are some ideas for what to write in your message.

  1. Click on the Create a Postcard icon below. A new window will appear. Click on the question mark in the top right corner of the page for help.
  2. After you select your objects and drag them onto the postcard, use the buttons in the top right corner to make the objects smaller or larger, or to rotate them.
  3. Write your message in the space at the bottom.

You will need the Flash plugin to create and view postcards.
Click here to get the plugin.

By sending us your work, you are giving Scholastic permission to edit, promote, and put it up on Also, it is important to send us only work that you created from scratch and not work that you copied from somewhere else.