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What's Your News IQ?

September 10, 2007

Take this quiz and score yourself to find out how well you did! The 10 questions below are based on recent news stories in newspapers, magazines, and on TV. For each question, click the circle next to your answer. At the end of the quiz, click "score my quiz." You'll then have a second chance to answer the questions you got wrong.

Get a printable version of the quiz, which you can copy and distribute to students.

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1. What kinds of vehicles are being preserved for the National September 11 Memorial & Museum at the World Trade Center site?
a) fire trucks
b) ambulances
c) motorcycles
d) all of the above
2. In what location are the artifacts for the National September 11 Memorial and Museum being preserved?
a) Empire State Building
b) Times Square
c) LaGuardia Airport
d) JFK Airport
3. What is the name of the military official currently in charge of U.S. operations in Iraq?
a) Sergeant Robert Taylor
b) Colonel Helen Smith
c) General David Petraeus
d) Major Margaret Carter
4. Under the recommendations of current military officials, how many troops will be left in Iraq by summer 2008?
a) 1,300
b) 13,000
c) 130,000
d) 13,000,000
5. The Iraqi territories are organized as
a) provinces.
b) states.
c) counties.
d) towns.
6. What kind of animals made an unusual effort to build an extraordinarily large habitat in a Texas national park this summer?
a) beavers
b) whales
c) dogs
d) spiders
7. What is the scientific name of these animals?
a) megapods
b) cephalopods
c) Homo sapiens
d) arachnids
8. What is the nearby food source for this colony of animals?
a) a cave of bears
b) a den of badgers
c) a pond of mosquitoes
d) a nest of birds
9. What historical document turned 220 years old on September 17?
a) The Bill of Rights
b) The Declaration of Independence
c) The U.S. Constitution
d) The Equal Rights Amendment
10. What are the first 10 Amendments to The Constitution called?
a) The Equal Rights Amendment
b) The Declaration of Independence
c) The Suffrage Amendments
d) The Bill of Rights