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What's Your News IQ?

September 25, 2007

Take this quiz and score yourself to find out how well you did! The 10 questions below are based on recent news stories in newspapers, magazines, and on TV. For each question, click the circle next to your answer. At the end of the quiz, click "score my quiz." You'll then have a second chance to answer the questions you got wrong.

Get a printable version of the quiz, which you can copy and distribute to students.

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1. The controversial president of what country spoke at Columbia University on September 25?
a) Iraq
b) Iran
c) Belgium
d) Zimbabwe
2. What is the name of the organization this leader also spoke at last week?
a) The World Bank
b) The New York Stock Exchange
c) The U.S. Senate
d) The United Nations
3. Candidates from what U.S. political party debated in New Hampshire on September 27?
a) Libertarian
b) Democratic
c) Republican
d) Unity
4. What NBC television host moderated the debate?
a) Meredith Viera of The Today Show
b) Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News
c) Tim Russert of Meet the Press
d) Jay Leno of The Tonight Show
5. What major issue did the candidates discuss during the debate?
a) health care
b) the War in Iraq
c) terrorism
d) all of the above
6. Where is the United Nations (UN) assembly located?
a) New York, New York
b) Phoenix, Arizona
c) Rome, Georgia
d) Seattle, Washington
7. On which of the following topics did world leaders NOT deliver a speech on at the UN this week?
a) global warming
b) poverty
c) human rights
d) dangerous corn mazes
8. What team defeated the U.S. women's soccer team 4-0 in the semifinals of the World Cup?
a) Peru
b) Germany
c) Brazil
d) South Africa
9. What major mistake did U.S. player Leslie Osborne make that resulted in a point for the other team?
a) She hard fouled another player
b) She forgot to wear her socks
c) She headed the ball into her own team's goal
d) She touched the ball with her hands during play
10. What surprising decision did the U.S Coach Greg Ryan make the day before the game with Brazil?
a) He switched goalkeepers
b) He insisted on using a pink soccer ball
c) He tried to pass off his golden retriever as a player
d) He took his ball and went home