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October 1, 2007
What's your news IQ? Take this quiz and find out!
For each question below, fill in the circle next to the correct answer.

Good luck!

1. In what place did the U.S Women's Soccer team finish in the Women's World Cup (WWC) tournament?
a) 6th c) 1st
b) 3rd d) 2nd
2. What award did U.S. player Abby Wambach win for being the second-leading goal scorer of the WWC tournament?
a) The Golden Shoe c) The Platinum Sock
b) The Bronze Foot d) The Silver Boot
3. Why did children march on Washington, D.C. in protest this past week?
a) the President's veto of the State Children's Health Insurance Program c) Congressional legislation to extend the school day
b) the war in Iraq d) Funding cuts to arts programs in schools
4. How would the proposed insurance program be funded?
a) an increase in the cigarette tax c) Congress will have a bake sale
b) a decrease in federally-funded road construction d) President Bush will sell Air Force One
5. How many teams began play in the Major League Baseball playoffs this week?
a) 11 c) 9
b) 10 d) 8
6. Which two teams were forced to play a one–game tiebreaker to make it into the playoffs?
a) The Colorado Rockies and the San Diego Padres c) The Chicago Cubs and the Arizona Diamondbacks
b) The New York Yankees and the Cleveland Indians d) The Boston Red Sox and the Anaheim Angels
7. What is Sputnik?
a) The first British spacecraft to land on the moon c) The first Russian satellite to orbit the Earth
b) The first U.S. space shuttle to land on Mars d) The first Swiss rocket to reach Jupiter
8. What is the name of the first U.S. satellite to successfully orbit the Earth?
a) Vanguard c) Explorer 1
b) Columbia d) Voyager
9. How can you find out if you own a recalled toy?
a) Check the Consumer Products Safety Commission Web site c) Check the Federal Drug Administration Web site
b) Check the manufacturer's Web Site d) Check the State Department Web Site
10. Why were a number of toys made in China recently recalled?
a) they were blue c) their parts were too small
b) they contained lead paint d) they wouldn't float