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Just My Luck's Lindsay Lohan talks about lucky charms, superstitions, and silly stuff!
By Gerri Miller

Ashley (Lindsay Lohan) and Jake (Chris Pine) enjoy a dance at a masquerade ball. Ashley (Lindsay Lohan) and Jake (Chris Pine) enjoy a dance at a masquerade ball.
(Photo: © Barry Wetcher/20th Century Fox)
In the new movie Just My Luck, Lindsay Lohan plays a girl who's naturally lucky. She picks winning lottery tickets, finds money in the street, and always gets a taxi when she needs one. But that luck runs out when she meets a cute but very unlucky guy (played by Chris Pine) at a masquerade party. When they kiss, her good luck transfers to him, and her life falls apart completely, getting her into a lot of very bad—and funny—situations. Here's what she had to say in an exclusive chat with Scholastic News Online:

SN Online: Do you have any superstitions about luck?
Lindsay: No hats on the bed. I am [crazy] when it comes to hats on the bed. For some reason, everyone puts a hat on my bed. I need to keep a sign up in my room, "NO HATS ON THE BED!"

SN Online: Do you have good luck charms?
Lindsay: This bracelet that I have on is a good luck charm. But my sister, Ali, is my big good luck charm.

SN Online: She wants to act too, doesn't she?
Lindsay: Yes. She's a better version of me. I think she's going to play a younger me in the movie, Veronica Decides to Die. I'm very protective of her though . . . and of my brother—he's going to college now.

SN Online: Did you have a favorite scene in Just My Luck?
Lindsay: The washer/dryer scene, when the washer overflows—but I got a rash from the bubbles. I started breaking out in hives all over from the soap!

SN Online: You do a lot of physical comedy. Did you have a double for the stunt scenes?
Lindsay: I did have a stunt double, but I ended up doing everything. In the bowling alley scene, where I'm wearing stilettos and I'm cleaning and waxing the floor, they were afraid that I would hurt myself. But I did it. The machine nearly hit me in the head when it swung around, but the shot is so funny.

Close friends Dana (Bree Turner), Ashley (Lindsay Lohan) and Maggie (Samaire Armstrong) enjoy a stroll through the streets of Manhattan, in Just My Luck.
(Photo: © Barry Wetcher/20th Century Fox)
SN Online: Samaire Armstrong and Bree Turner play your best friends in the movie. Did you become friends on the set?
Lindsay: Yes, we wrote a lot of music, went shopping—we found some good vintage shops, and shopped online a lot too. Urban Outfitters. We redecorated our trailers. It was like a sorority. We took a lot of road trips, too. We went on a treasure hunt in a limo.

SN Online: Are good friendships important to you?
Lindsay: Oh, absolutely. Where are you without friends?