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Magic Tent

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The Amazing Magic Tent Treasure Hunt
By Rachel Laskow

magic tent
The Amazing Magic Tent Treasure Hunt was featured at this year's fair.
(Photo: Rachel Laskow)
One night, Hank, Stella, and Cody decided to sleep in a tent that their grandfather sent them. He was a world-famous explorer who disappeared during an expedition. But when they wake up the next morning, they realize the tent isn't like any old tent—it's a magic tent. They wake up in the wilds of Alaska, and it's up to you to help them find their way home.

Dig into the world of science and nature as you put your imagination to the test! You can go inside the tent, read the story, and then venture into the wilderness to find clues to solve the mystery. Magic Tent is played with a group of kids and guided by one person, often an adult, who places items in the wilderness for the campers to find. This game is perfect to play at home or at school. The guide can place clues in different places around the house or classroom, so the game is new and exciting every time you play!