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Afghan Kids Answer Your Questions

Selsala (right), like many of her classmates, remained in Kabul under the Taliban regime and during the war and bombing of the city. Her older brother taught her to read and write when she was not able to go to school because of the Taliban's law forbidding girls to attend school.

Do the teenagers in Afghanistan go out on dates?

Answer: No. It is not the tradition of the Afghan people to go out with people of the opposite sex. Not even in a group. It could cause security problems and give my family problems.

(Selsala's mother is standing nearby and interrupts her daughter: "In Najibullah's time, when I was young, boys and girls could go together on picnics—even without a chaperone—and we didn't have to wear a chador either. Gradually it will change here and someday my daughter will go out on picnics with boys too. But first the security situation must improve.")

Selsala, 16, Kabul