afghanistan kids
Afghan Kids Answer Your Questions

Young girls at school for the 1st time in Kabul.

What is your school like?

Answer: We are lucky because it is in better condition than most schools in Kabul. We don't have any furniture, the roof leaks, and many things are broken, but at least the school is standing.

The school is too small for all the kids to come at one time so we have three shifts. There are two shifts in the morning for girls, and one shift in the afternoon for boys. We study all the general subjects like math, reading, writing, science, Islamic studies, history, Pushto [language], Dari [language], and English. But we don't have many materials. My teacher keeps hoping someone will give us a map, so she can show us where all the places are.

Most of our lessons are done by recitation. We each have to go to the front of the room and say our lessons by memorization. We don't have any papers to write to give to the teacher, because we don't have enough paper for that. For writing, we take turns going to the blackboard and writing the assignment in front of the class.

Habiba G., 11, Kabul