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Afghan Kids Answer Your Questions

Naja is from a Pushtoon tribe in a remote, desert area of Kuz-Kunar. As part of her tribe's custom, she received tattoos on her face when she became a young woman. These tattoos are a sign of beauty in her culture.

What do you hope happens to Afghanistan in the future? What kind of country do you want Afghanistan to be when you grow up?

Answer: "I want peace. We are tired of the fighting. After all these wars we still don't have any peace and no one is helping us. When will it come?... When I grow up I want there to be jobs and schools and roads so we don't have to take donkeys. I want Afghanistan to stand on its own, without anyone telling us how to live."

-Naja B., 12, Behsood, Kuz-Kunar District, Nangarhar Province