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Use the information you learned from reading the articles in this News In-depth to answer the questions below.
Many families could not flee Afghanistan when the Taliban rose to power in the 1990s. Why not?


a) Flights were banned.

b) They didn't have enough money.

c) The mountain passes were blocked by snow.

d) Pakistan—Afghanistan's neighbor to the east—wouldn't let people cross the border.
Khewa is a rural village in Afghanistan's Nangahar Province, about 16 miles from the city of Jalalabad. Its population is 30,000, and has not changed much in the last 100 years. It still does not have electricity or running water. What is the main occupation of the people?


a) farming

b) construction

c) coal mining

d) pottery
The Pushtuns are the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan, composing at least 40 percent of the country's population. They can be identified by three major traits. Which one is NOT one of them?


a) their language (Pashto)

b) their lineage (they consider themselves descended from one founding ancestor)

c) hair color of the bride and groom

d) the personalities of the brides and prospective grooms
In Afghanistan, marriages are arranged. That means the families decide who marries whom. Many factors are taken into consideration before making a selection. Which is NOT one of them?


a) family status

b) financial security

c) hair color of the bride and groom

d) the personalities of the brides and prospective grooms
According to local tradition, every marriage requires two exchanges. The dowry, brought by the bride, includes household items the couple will need. The mahr is the price the groom's family must pay for the girl's hand in marriage. What does the mahr typically include?


a) livestock, property, and money

b) hiking boots, kickballs, and frisbees

c) knives, guns, and ammunition

d) hugs, kisses, and pats on the back
In traditional Islamic cultures, it is customary to have men and women separated at social events. At evening celebrations of weddings in Afghanistan, women sit inside a courtyard, and men sit in room with Afghan rugs and pillows on the floor. What is the room called?


a) the hujara

b) the pashtun

c) the cigar room

d) the dowry
Afghanistan covers an area of about 252,000 square miles. To which state is that closest to in size?


a) Delaware

b) Florida

c) California

d) Texas
Many countries agreed to help Afghanistan financially, but by August, few had forked over the promised funds. Why?


a) The money was lost.

b) Countries are saying they had already put the check in the mail.

c) Nations feared more instability in Afghanistan will mean their money will go to waste.

d) Paying up means getting banks to transfer the money, and the banks have been slow to getting around to it.
The United States is attempting to build an Afghan army of 60,000 soldiers so that the country can defend itself and maintain order. So far, only 350 soldiers have been trained. Why?


a) lack of experience by U.S. trainers

b) low pay of $30 a month

c) It's too hot to train.

d) Too many other jobs are available for Afghans in Kabul.
Making Afghanistan a stable place is proving to be a little trickier. What are some of the reasons why?


a) Warlords have reassumed their power positions in provinces, slowing efforts for the central government in Kabul to rebuild the war-torn country.

b) Pockets of al Qaeda have fought in skirmishes with allied forces.

c) Two government officials have been assassinated.

d) all of the above