What's your Child Labor IQ? Take this quiz and find out!
For each question below, fill in the circle next to the correct answer.

Good luck!

1. The official language of Mexico is _________.
a) French
b) Italian
c) Spanish
d) English
2. Mexico borders the U.S. and which two Latin American countries?
a) Guatemala and Belize
b) Nicaragua and Honduras
c) El Salvador and Belize
d) Guatemala and Costa Rica
3. What are poisonous chemicals used to kill bugs?
a) pesticides
b) tobacco
c) nicotine
d) medicine
4. Families working in Santiago Ixcuintla Nayarit, Mexico, earn roughly how much an hour?
a) $10
b) $5
c) $1
d) $2
5. The majority of children in the surrounding communities of Nayarit do not do what?
a) eat three meals a day
b) sleep at night
c) work
d) attend school
6. According to the Map of Children in the Labor Force, kids in Mexico are involved in what kind of labor?
a) informal labor only
b) commercial labor only
c) both informal and commercial labor
d) no labor at all
7. The capital of Mexico is _______.
a) Guadalajara
b) Puebla
c) Mexico City
d) Monterrey
8. How large is Mexico's population?
a) under 1 million people
b) over 1 billion people
c) over 2 billion people
d) under 1 billion people
9. This flat, thin corn cake is a popular Mexican dish. What is it?
a) gyro
b) tortilla
c) pancake
d) fortune cookie
10. Most Mexicans practice this religion. What is it
a) Roman Catholicism
b) Buddhism
c) Judaism
d) Protestantism