Joint Effort

Hundreds of kids march in support of public education in India as part of the "Shiksha Yatra," or India Marches for Education. The march covered 9,300 miles through all 20 major Indian states. For more information, click here. (Photo: Robin Romano)

Investigating child labor is an assignment Scholastic News Zone editors take very seriously. To provide our readers with the most accurate and thorough coverage, Scholastic News Zone has partnered up with In the Best Interest of Children (ITBIOC), a project dedicated to combating child labor.

Most of the research and photos on child labor were developed as part of the International Labor Rights Fund's Project, In the Best Interests of Children: Promoting Solutions to the Child Labor Problem. The Project is funded in major part by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Last year, ITBIOC's filmmakers will traveled to India, Indonesia, and Mexico. There, they documented the lives of children forced to work to support themselves and their families. This year they are filming in Brazil, Kenya, and the U.S. These children's stories will be made into a documentary film—Stolen Childhoods—scheduled to be released by the end of the year.

"We hope people will be able to identify with these kids—that they aren't just some kids in a foreign country whom we don't know," says Pharis Harvey, executive director of The International Labor Rights Fund. "These are our children. They are the future of our planet. We have an obligation to help."

ITBIOC is a collaboration among Galen Films, Romano Productions, The International Labor Rights Fund, and The National Consumers League. The project also plans to produce a book, a Web site, educational pamphlets, and public service announcements.