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Be Informed

Print out the third two panels of the Scholastic Democracy for Kids display (excerpted below). You can also print out a suggested reading list and five grade-appropriate classroom activities to help teach your students some of the basics of democracy.

  • Be Informed: Panel 1 (PDF reproducible)
  • Be Informed: Panel 2 (PDF reproducible)
  • Suggested Reading List (PDF reproducible)

    Classroom Activities for Grades 1-3

  • Who Can Be President? (PDF reproducible)
  • Past Presidents (PDF reproducible)
  • Where Is the White House? (PDF reproducible)
  • Presidential Birthplaces (PDF reproducible)
  • Find it With a Grid (PDF reproducible)

    Classroom Activities for Grades 4-6

  • What's Inside the White House? (PDF reproducible)
  • White House Kids (PDF reproducible)
  • How Much Do You Know About Washington, D.C.? (PDF reproducible)
  • Presidential Birthplaces (PDF reproducible)
  • Three Branches: Separate But Equal (PDF reproducible)

    Classroom Activities for Grades 7 and Higher

  • Road to the White House (PDF reproducible)
  • Presidents Since 1945 (PDF reproducible)
  • How We Choose Our Leaders (PDF reproducible)
  • The President Wears Seven Hats (PDF reproducible)
  • Election Glossary (PDF reproducible)