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Kids Taking Action


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We asked how you celebrate Earth Day, and you let us know. Check out how kids across the country are doing their part to take care of the Earth.

Our school always recycles paper and bottles, and we have a compost pile to turn trash from apples and bananas into fertilizer.
Miles M., age 6, California

We are riding our bikes and skateboards and scooters to school to save energy.
Evan B., age 6, California

Today we are turning off the lights to save energy! And we decorated brown grocery bags to give out at our grocery store to tell everyone to recycle.
Emma O., age 7, California

I've saved three acres of rain forest by recycling cans and bottles to raise money.
Dante M., age 9, California

An urban forester came to our school, and he gave us trees to plant.
Rob K., age 10, Kansas

My school is helping the environment by planting flowers and trees. We are making a place where birds can live.
Stacie W., age 9, Virginia

I don't waste water while I brush my teeth. I turn the water off.
Olivia L., age 8, California

We are collecting toner and inkjet cartridges to recycle for money. We will buy things for our computer lab with the money, and be helping the environment by recycling.
Debbie B., age 13, Kentucky

We are going to ride our bikes to school or walk. We are also going to have a "no trash" day. On Friday someone is coming to speak to us about Earth Day, and the kindergarteners are going to sing a song about recycling.
Katherine A., age 8, California

I go around my block and pick up all the trash.
Kerri G., age 8, Connecticut

I used to like taking long showers, but then I learned that a five-minute shower uses 25-35 gallons of water. Now I try to take shorter showers.
Athena G., age 9, Connecticut

I planted an apple tree in my front yard!
Nicole G., age 9, Connecticut

I reuse paper bags. I also recycle cans, bags, and bottles.
Cameron K., age 8, Connecticut

Every Earth Day, my school goes to the beach and we pick up trash. We recycle all the stuff we can. As my own contribution, I'll plant a garden in our front yard at home and water all our flowers at school!
Pamela S., age 11, California

I will be helping plant some trees. I will also be going to a homeless shelter to help serve food, because everybody is a part of this Earth.
Jasmine C., age 11, California

I was walking through town with my two best friends. There was so much trash that people just threw out of their car windows while they were driving past. We picked up a lot of the trash.
Devon G., age 11, Maine

Our school is building a garden. It has a pond with fishes and lots of plants, but we still need more plants and animals to make it complete. Our school is little but we are making a big difference.
Bailey E., age 11, Missouri

I am making a bird feeder with my class!
Reagan P., age 8, Florida

I'm cleaning up the school yard after school. It's starting to look much better.
Elizabeth C., age 10, Missouri

My friends and I are going to help the Earth by going around our city and picking up all the trash.
Taylor C., age 9, Maryland