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Texas Celebrates Earth Day
By Michelle Sheena
Scholastic Kids Press Corps

Planting trees is one way that kids can do something for the environment.
(Photo: Royalty-Free/Corbis)
For the residents of Bellaire, Texas, the Nature Discovery Center is the place to be this Earth Day. The city of Bellaire, located inside Houston city limits, has teamed up with the Bellaire Recycling Center and the Nature Discovery Center for a fun-filled day of free activities, including live music, environmental games, and a Scholastic book fair.

Most of the activities planned—from scavenger hunts to craft projects using recycled materials—stress how important it is to help preserve our planet.

"Earth day is so important to us because it is the one day in the year where time is set aside for us to really think about conserving our environment," said Eric Duran, a staff naturalist at the Nature Discovery Center. "If you waste everything . . . it will impact the lives of future generations."

Duran encourages kids to help the planet by volunteering with an environmental organization. Whether through recycling, planting trees, or picking up litter—anyone can make a difference