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Convention Quiz

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Take this quiz and score yourself to find out how well you did! For each question, click the circle next to your answer. At the end of the quiz, click "score my quiz." You'll then have a second chance to answer the questions you got wrong.

0 Which party held the first convention in 1830?
a. the Democratic Party
b. the Republican Party
c. the Know-Nothing Party
d. the Anti-Masons
1 Who was the first President to be nominated at a convention?
a. Andrew Jackson
b. Martin van Buren
c. Henry Clay
d. Franklin Pierce
2 A delegate __________.
a. represents others
b. cannot be President
c. gives the first speech at a convention
d. serves on the U.S. Supreme Court
3 A modern convention is most like __________.
a. a serious courtroom
b. a huge party
c. an informal conversation
d. a religious service
4 The Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968 became known for __________.
a. the assassination of Robert Kennedy
b. the promise of a civil rights amendment
c. violence between protesters and the police
d. a nine-hour acceptance speech
5 Who were P.B.S. Pinchback and James J. Harris?
a. the first African-American delegates
b. the founders of the modern convention
c. the inventors of the microphone
d. journalists who wrote in depth about conventions
6 Which is the main event of a convention?
a. the keynote speech
b. the nomination of a candidate
c. the acceptance speech
d. the choice of a running mate
7 What is the purpose of modern conventions?
a. to inspire people to be enthusiastic about a candidate
b. to reveal the party's choice for President
c. to discuss the issues of the day
d. to eat a gigantic dinner
8 At which convention did the Republican Party promise to abolish slavery in the United States?
a. Baltimore, 1852
b. Baltimore, 1864
c. Chicago, 1868
d. New York City, 1976
9 Which non-politician spoke at the 2000 Republican National Convention?
a. astronaut Neil Armstrong
b. wrestler The Rock
c. chef Julia Childs
d. singer Diana Ross