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Delegate Calvin Stephens Gets Ready for the Republican Convention
By Mackenzie Naert, 12, Texas
Scholastic Student Reporter

For those of you who don't know exactly what a delegate is, it is a person sent to represent something. In Calvin Stephen's case, he had to go through many elimination rounds to be one of the people chosen to represent Texas Republicans at the 2004 National Republican Convention in New York City.

First he had to vote in a primary, and when the polls closed, he had to go back and register for a position as a delegate. Then he was chosen from a district meeting to go on to the state convention. From the state convention he was finally chosen as a delegate to the upcoming National Convention. Stephens became a delegate because he is "really interested and involved in politics," he said.

This is not the first time Stephens, who is a small-business owner, has gone to a Republican Convention. He was also a delegate at the 1992 Convention in Houston, Texas, when George H.W. Bush was running for President.

Stephens left for New York, where the convention is being held, on Sunday morning, August 29. After a reception, Stephens and the other delegates attended a Broadway play. Later he went to his first convention rally.

After the convention, he plans to return to his hometown of Dallas and spread the word about the Republican Party to voters. He also wants to recruit local African-Americans to become more involved in politics. As for the voters watching the convention, Stephens hopes that they will "establish a difference between Bush and Kerry and come to find that Bush is the right man for the job."