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Endangered Species Quiz

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Take this quiz and score yourself to find out how well you did! For each question, click the circle next to your answer. At the end of the quiz, click "score my quiz." You'll then have a second chance to answer the questions you got wrong.

0 An endangered species is _____________ that will become extinct if nothing is done to stop the cause of its decline.
a. any species of animal
b. any species of plant
c. any species of animal, plant, or other living thing
d. none of the above
1 What is a vulnerable or candidate species?
a. species that are not in immediate danger, but could move that way quickly
b. species that are in no danger and never will be
c. species that are already extinct, with no hope of coming back
d. all of the above
2 Just one plant may be food or shelter to more than how many species of animals?
a. 30 species
b. 1 species
c. 10 species
d. none
3 What are the greatest problems facing plants, animals, and people?
a. habitat destruction
b. illegal hunting
c. introducing new species that can cause problems
d. all of the above
4 Which of the following does NOT destroy natural habitats?
a. building homes
b. pollution
c. nature reserves
d. hunting and trading
5 More people go to zoos than which of the following?
a. professional basketball games
b. professional football games
c. professional baseball games
d. all of the above combined
6 What do zoos do besides provide recreation?
a. They teach about nature.
b. They provide the opportunity to study wild animals.
c. They work to save endangered species.
d. all of the above
7 What is a zoogeographic exhibition?
a. an exhibit with different animals from all over the world
b. animals kept together in a cage
c. grouping exhibits according to regions of the earth
d. animals held behind high metal fences
8 Animals that are active at night and sleep during the day are ________.
a. deciduous
b. nocturnal
c. dangerous
d. never seen at zoos
9 The first U.S. zoos were founded in ___________.
a. Philadelphia
b. New York
c. Chicago
d. all of the above