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The Heat Is On!

Get the scoop on global warming

Most scientists agree: The world is heating up.

How serious is global warming and how much are you willing to sacrifice to help clean up the environment? Follow a Science World magazine editor's month-long trip aboard an icebreaker to learn more about the effect of global warming on marine animals. Don't forget to tell us what you think in our poll and online discussion!

Featured Articles

Tomorrow's Weather
In the movie The Day After Tomorrow, twisters topple buildings, waves wash out cities, and snow blankets streets. Could rapid climate change really happen?
Tips to Save the World
You can help to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases by following these 10 steps.
Tell Us What You Think

How much will you sacrifice?

Reducing your energy use can help fight global warming—but that may mean making sacrifices, such as walking to the mall instead of getting a ride. Appliances and cars that are designed to save energy can also be more expensive.

Should people give up luxuries and pay more money in order to save energy?

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