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Emma Watson Talks About Potter, Plans, and Pitt
By Marie Morreale

Emma Watson as Hermione Granger
(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures/Murray Close)
Emma Watson has big plans for her time off from filming Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. While filming for Prisoner of Azkaban is complete, she is currently working on Goblet of Fire, which will be released in 2005.

"I'm going skiing and I haven't gone skiing so I'm really looking forward to that, and I'm hoping that goes well!"

Marie Morreale, our Entertainment Editor, was able to talk to Emma about that and many other things. Check out the interview to find out what she had to say.

Marie: What is your favorite part of the new movie?

Emma: This is actually my favorite book. There's a great scene where I punch Malfoy, which is really good fun. It's good.

Marie: How does Malfoy react?

Emma: How does he react? He runs away! Woo hoo! Girl power!

Marie: This summer there's going to be some really great movies coming out. Do you have any film that you most want to see this summer?

Emma: I absolutely love Shrek. I don't know what it is; he makes me laugh so much. I'm really looking forward to Shrek 2, and obviously Troy with Brad Pitt, in a skirt.

Marie: One of our magazines in London is asking about your GCSE's. Are you studying for them yet?

Emma: Um, sort of. This is my foundation year and then next year I start my coursework.

Marie: So what do you do when you start your coursework? Are there specific classes for their exams?

Emma: Yes. Coursework is basically done more in projects or in blocks and you study one thing in more detail, in lots of detail, basically.

Marie: Are you nervous about them?

Emma: Yeah, a little bit. I looked at a GCSE book the other day and I was like, "Oh my god, I'm never going to pass!" It's just like it goes on forever and ever and ever, and the amount of work is a bit like "AAH!"

Marie: What subjects are they in?

Emma: I'm not actually really sure. I think you have to do math; you have to do physics, chemistry, biology. I think you have to take English, and I think you have to take French. And then I've got stuff like Latin, Spanish, geography, history.

Marie: What's the biggest change in your life since the first Harry Potter movie, and what's your best personal experience?

Emma: Well I suppose quite a bit's happened, really. Um, what sort of best personal experience?

Marie: Someone you may have met?

Emma: Come on, now. Okay, this is really easy. I met Brad Pitt, which is quite cool.

Marie: What's been the most embarrassing moment you've had since you first started with Harry Potter?

Emma: Oh, there've been a few. You know how you have those really fancy screen chairs that have your name on them? Well I've got this little one that says "Emma Watson" on it . In the middle of the set sitting there, you know, sipping my drink casually, I think my chair was on a wire or something, and I went straight over backwards on this chair and spilled my drink all over me. That was pretty bad.

Marie: Have you sat down and talked to J.K. Rowling or spent any time with her?

Emma: We don't really see her that much, actually. I've seen her at a couple of premieres, stuff like that, but not really.

Marie: What do you like best about her writing?

Emma: Oh, I don't know, it's imaginative and completely takes you into another world. It just lets your imagination run wild, and I think it's great for something that is described so specifically that you know isn't there but it's written so brilliantly that you almost believe that it really is there. I was always a massive fan of the books even before I got into the films.

Marie: Who's your favorite character from all of the books?

Emma: Oh, I love Hagrid. I have a bit of a soft spot for Hagrid; he really makes me laugh. I love him. Oh, and I really like Dobby. He just makes me want to hug him or help him or something. I get really maternal feelings whenever he's around. I always feel really sorry for him.

Marie: How would you feel if another actor played your character?

Emma: Oh, I don't know! It would be quite hard because I have been doing it for three years now. I suppose I don't know. It would be interesting.

Marie: I want to talk to you a little bit about the owls in Harry Potter. Do you have any favorite species of owls, and if so, what makes that particular species special?

Emma: Well I love Hedwig! You cannot beat Hedwig. Hedwig is the owl. I like the tawny owl, the white ones, the all-white ones. I don't know. There's something special about them. Beautiful, soft feathers, and they have those faces that are really friendly and beautiful.

Marie: Why do you think that they're so perfect in the magical world of Harry Potter?

Emma: I don't know. I think they're such amazing creatures that, like everything else in the magical world, completely astound you.

Marie: What personal adventure would you most like to accomplish in the next year?

Emma: Oh, I don't know. One fun thing that I'd like to do—oh, I can't think of anything!

Marie: I guess you're in the biggest adventure anybody could ever be in right now anyway!

Emma: I'm going skiing and I haven't gone skiing so I'm really looking forward to that, and I'm hoping that goes well! Oh, yeah, and the brilliant thing is that this year, because of the big enough gap between the third and the fourth [filming of the Harry Potter movies], it would mean that if I did break my leg I'd be all right again before we started filming again.

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