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Jamie Waylett Talks About Being "Crabbe"
By Marie Morreale

Jamie Waylett as Crabbe
(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)
He had no film experience when he took the role as Crabbe in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He would soon find out that acting in school plays would lead to him becoming Crabbe, one of Draco Malfoy's minions.

Jamie Waylett talked to Entertainment Editor Marie Morreale about reading, auditioning for the movie, and more. Check out the interview to see what he had to say.

Marie: How has Crabbe changed over the past three movies?

Jamie: He's more stupid, you know what I mean? In the first one he's a more petty boy intentionally, but in this one he's trying to be petty but he's kind of dumb. I think he's quite funny. I don't think he really wants to be bad. You see, in the film I think he would rather be a Gryffindor than a Slytherin.

Marie: It sounds like you're having fun playing him. Before you started did you read the first book?

Jamie: Well, before I actually got the part, I had read the book a year before, when Harry Potter wasn't that much of a big book.

Marie: Did you know you'd love to play that role?

Jamie: I don't actually know. I was just reading it . I didn't really see myself as any particular character, and then when they came to my school to take photos, they took photos of me to be Dudley. I was like, "OK," because I'd read about him and I knew about him. They said, "Out of 8,000 kids, don't even think about it!" So I said, "All right, then." So I went home and I told my mom, "I've been chosen to maybe be in Harry Potter," and she said, "You aren't going to be in it, don't worry." And I said, "All right." Then at my school a few weeks later my headmaster wrote my mom and said they sent the script to me to go do the part of Dudley, and I was said, "All right then." So we went to the Figgis casting agency and I auditioned for the part. I read the script normally, I read it in voice, and then acted. So after that the casting director said, "I don't think you're good for Dudley," and I said, "Oh." Then she said, "But I think you could be good for Crabbe or Goyle." So I met Mark Radcliffe, David Hayman, and Chris Columbus, and they had just a little video camera hooked to a telly. So I was auditioned; again, I was just saying my name and making faces and they said, "We'll get back to you." So I went home and a couple of weeks went by. I go back in and I auditioned again, and Chris Columbus said to me if I do this certain face and shout then I'd get the film, so I did it and I shouted and he said, "All right, you've got it," and I said "Aww!" I told my mom that and my mom thought he must be just saying that, but then I went in to get fitted for the costume and I met Tom Felton, who's Malfoy.

Marie: I think they made the right choice! How did you get into acting in the first place?

Jamie: That. That was it. I used to like doing school plays.

Marie: What's the best part about being in the Harry Potter movies?

Jamie: The experience. A lot of experience.

Marie: So you want to continue acting?

Jamie: Yeah.

Marie: Is there a dream role that you'd love to have?

Jamie: A dream role? Uh, I'd love to be a mob boss, an Italian mob boss or something. I'd like a cigar.

Marie: What's the biggest change that's happened for you and your family?

Jamie: I can't really go without being noticed. I'll keep my head a bit lower than usual. I've got to keep my head out of trouble, because if it goes on it would be "Harry Potter boy this, Harry Potter boy that."

Marie: Is it fun when kids recognize you?

Jamie: Yeah. It's fun, when I am with my friends and talking and someone says, "Were you in that Harry Potter role? Do you mind signing that?" I've done it for a few years now. At first it was exciting, and then I got a slight bit nervous. But the way I look at it is, if that were me asking someone, I'd want them to sign it. I always sign it. I make sure.

Marie: Has it been hard to keep up with your studies?

Jamie: Not as much, because I have one-to-one tutoring and it's a big help.

Marie: What subject do you like?

Jamie: English, I'd say.

Marie: So you like to read?

Jamie: Yeah.

Marie: What would be your favorite book?

Jamie: I like the Cirque du Freak books—Tunnel of Blood by Darren Shan. They're set in England. It's about vampires.

Marie: So you're into vampires and magic and stuff?

Jamie: Not so much, but that book's over the top. It's not real, I mean. It's underground sort of vampire stuff. It's like a secret—just like Hogwarts is a secret. It's a secret community of vampires.

Marie: I hear you like Of Mice and Men. Why?

Jamie: I think it's good that they put the underdog—which is Lennyקthey put a story about people you wouldn't really want to know about. I mean, you wouldn't go out of your way to know about these two guys who were trying to get work. They don't have heroes in the story. They don't make it in the end; he gets killed. So it's good. George has to watch after Lenny's back.

Marie: Did you read that in school?

Jamie: I did. I liked it, and I saw the film and I went to see the play as well.

Marie: Which film version did you see?

Jamie: I don't know. It's got John Malkovich in it and he's brilliant in it.

Marie: Did you have any scenes with the new Professor Dumbledore?

Jamie: Just the Great Hall scenes. He's {Michael Gambon} nice, though.

Marie: It must have been hard to adjust.

Jamie: Yeah. I mean, it was sad for Richard Harris to go because I got on with him quite well. I know he was a really big actor, but he wasn't acting like it. He remembered my name and stuff like that. He was nice.

Marie: That's incredible to hear because he was such an incredible actor.

Jamie: Michael Gambon, I've only seen him do that one scene, but he was good as well. I'll have to wait till I see the whole thing. They have two different styles of acting, so you can't really compare them both as far as the acting goes.

Marie: Do you think it'll be very obvious in the movie?

Jamie: I don't think he's trying to make it look like Dumbledore is the same person, but I don't know. I'm not sure because I haven't actually seen the movie yet. When I watch it in the cinema, it's just like "Whoa!" It's a surprise to me even if I filmed it. If I see the film, a lot of it, unfinished, then it wouldn't be much of a surprise. I like to wait till it comes out to watch it at the cinema, at the premiere.

Marie: Who's your favorite character other than Crabbe?

Jamie: Ron.

Marie: Why?

Jamie: He's funny, and he's more sort of normal, you know what I mean? Harry's like—he's the hero all of the time, but Ron's the sort of sidekick hero.

Marie: Harry has flaws too, though.

Jamie: And Ron has a funny family as well. He comes from a poor wizard family, which is good.

Marie: You guys are on the set of the movie for a long time. What do you do on the set when you're not filming?

Jamie: We like to play games, like Twister or something like that. We just sit and talk. We might play the Play Station. We just hang out. We've got foosball, pool tables, stuff like that. One day it was really hot and everyone stayed out and we'd go outside and play catch. Everyone does things together and we get along with everyone.

Marie: You guys are already signed up for book four too, right?

Jamie: Yeah.

Marie: What's your favorite part of the new movie?

Jamie: I haven't actually seen much; I don't even know much. But it's my scene up in the Shrieking Shack where we get what we deserve. It's going to be so good. They pull it off really well. The set was unbelievable; there was snow everywhere. It was so big, and it was funny because it was so hot, but it looked so cold. It was hard trying to get your mind into it. On the screen I'm red, so it looks like I'm cold, but I'm hot.

Marie: Are you studying for your GCSE exams in England?

Jamie: Yeah. I've just started. This is my first year of studying for GCSE's because we do our GCSE's next year.

Marie: What subjects are you doing?

Jamie: English and math. Chemistry, biology, physics, and I've got a college course. It's like an internship. I'll be working on car engines, bricklaying, painting, stuff like that. It's fun. I enjoy it a lot.

Marie: If you go on to university, is there anything in particular you'd like to study?

Jamie: English.

Marie: What's your favorite holiday destination?

Jamie: America. Typhoon Lagoon in Florida. It's part of Disney. We're going there for Christmas. I enjoy it. It's like you get in the water and there are the big slides. It's fun, and they have got 50's music.

Marie: Harry has the owl and Hermione has the cat. What kind of pet does Crabbe have?

Jamie: Well, in book two I had a toad and a dragon, a bearded dragon. I haven't used it again, but you know when we got turned into a big toad and a dragon? It's called a bearded dragon.

Marie: Did you have any scenes with the owls?

Jamie: Only ones in the second film when the owls kept coming delivering letters and stuff like that. Not me personally.

Marie: Were the animals fun to work with?

Jamie: Oh, on the second one, yeah. I mean, they're just funny. They're rattling the cages and stuff like that. There was a very rude monkey. I was sitting there and he tried to grab me from his cage and stuff like that. That's why they make sure I'm safe, but it was a big monkey named Jackson. He's funny.

Marie: Do you have any pets?

Jamie: A goldfish.

Marie: What's the most outrageous thing you've bought since you've been doing Harry Potter?

Jamie: Digital cameras, PC, keyboards. All that stuff.

Marie: Are you into computers?

Jamie: Not so much. I like producing beats and I like rapping, too. I have a program for the PC and I can hook my keyboard to it.

Marie: Who are your favorite artists?

Jamie: 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, and G-Unit, which is 50 Cent's crew.

Marie: Have you gotten to meet him?

Jamie: No, not 50 Cent. I met the President [Bush] on the lawn. He comes in on his helicopter. The person there introduced me and said, "Do you know who this guy is?" He looked and he said, "Harry Potter!" I shook his hand. The guy was good friends of the President. After that, everyone on the lawn was taking photos of me.

Marie: Do you like to shop?

Jamie: Yes!

Marie: What do you like to shop for?

Jamie: Trainers [sports shoes]. CDs. I like—not so much jewelry and that—but jackets, clothes, games as well.

Marie: Have you done a lot of shopping here?

Jamie: Yeah.

Marie: Are there any particular stores you like?

Jamie: It's called FYE, it's a music store in Washington. I like Foot Locker, but I've got that at home as well.

Marie: You're on a deserted island and you can only bring three things with you. What would they be?

Jamie: I'd bring a button, and I'd press it, and get wherever I'd want. No, I'd bring a power source, a plug, and my decks. Music and a stereo. I could live without water if I had music. If I had my decks I could just mix and mix and mix away . . . and a microphone.

Marie: If you could make your own flavor of ice cream, what would be in it and what would you call it?

Jamie: It would have something really sour to it but really sweet. Sweet and sour strawberry sort of. Like something sort of . . . mixed, and I'd call it Crabbe Ice Cream, with tropical flavor.