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Rupert Grint Has Fun Making the New Movie
By Marie Morreale

Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley
(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)
Rupert Grint has spent the last few years playing Ron Weasely, Harry's best buddy. He's back and this time he not only gets to hang out with Harry and Hermione, he gets to hang with the owls.

We sat down with Rupert to talk about filming the Prisoner of Azkaban, and his favorite species of owl. Find out what kind of owl is Rupert's favorite in this interview with Scholastic Entertainment Editor Marie Morreale.

Marie: I'm going to ask some questions about the owls in the movie. Do you have a favorite species of owl?

Rupert: A favorite species of owl? I like the snowy one that they use in the film. He's really cool, the one they have.

Marie: Why do you like it so much?

Rupert: I don't know. It's just really cool. The other owl I really liked was the one that Errol was. I'm not sure what owl that was, but it looked really funny.

Marie: Did you have to interact with them a lot?

Rupert: Oh yeah, they were really well trained, yeah. They could practically do anything, really.

Marie: Is there any reason why you think the owl is sort of a perfect bird for the magic of Harry Potter?

Rupert: I'm not sure, really. They're really obedient and they can deliver messages really well, so I guess that's the reason.

Marie: Was there any scene with the owls that was particularly funny or surprising?

Rupert: Well, when we were in the car with the twins, Fred and George, I don't remember how, but the owl pooped on Fred, on one of the twins, and it stank out the back of the car because it's quite a small tight car and really hot. It stank.

Marie: That sounds like no fun at all. So what's your favorite part of this new movie?

Rupert: I did a really cool stunt on this one. It was like . . . I got dragged. They put this harness on my leg. It was when the dog dragged me into the tree. It was really fun.

Marie: How long did it take you to do that scene?

Rupert: I was all padded up. Yeah, it was quite a quick drag because we go really fast, so it didn't take that long.

Marie: Did you get hurt at all? Did you get any bruises?

Rupert: I swallowed a lot of grass. No, I didn't. It was really good.

Marie: Do you have any plans on any other movies after the next Harry Potter?

Rupert: I think I'm going to take things as they come I had a really good time doing these films, so yeah.

Marie: This is a question from one of our magazines that's published in England. They told me you were probably starting to study for your national exams?

Rupert: Oh, yeah, I'm doing my GCSE's at the moment, just studying for now and I take the exams next year.

Marie: So what do you have to do to prepare for that?

Rupert: It's just normal revision really. You choose the subjects and you only do the exams that you chose, and of course the compulsory ones like math and science that I don't really enjoy.

Marie: Which ones are you choosing to do?

Rupert: I've chosen arts, German, because you have to do any language you want, either French or German or Spanish. German was pretty easy so I chose that.

Marie: How long have you studied German?

Rupert: For about three years.

Marie: Do you feel like when you go to Germany, you can speak it pretty fluently?

Rupert: No way, no. I'm just about stringing sentences together and I can count.

Marie: Is it hard to keep up with your studies and do these films like this?

Rupert: No, it's all right. We have a tutor on the set and do a minimum of three hours a day when we're working or five hours a day when we're not performing. It's pretty good cause it's one to one. You do kind of miss out on a few things like your friends; and usually when you're in the classroom there's lots of distractions that put you off learning, but this is one to one, so you don't really get distracted.

Marie: What is your favorite holiday destination?

Rupert: Well, I like sunny places. They're pretty cool. I went to Switzerland one year and it was really wicked. It was really cool.

Marie: Did you ski?

Rupert: No, it wasn't very snowy so we didn't really get a chance to. It looks really fun. I've never tried it but it looks cool.

Marie: What's the biggest change that's happened in your life since you started the Harry Potter movies?

Rupert: Not much has changed really. I try to keep my life pretty normal. The only difference is that I get recognized quite a bit, but that's usually all right. That's really the only thing. I still do the normal stuff I used to do before.

Marie: We were talking about your studies. What are your favorite subjects?

Rupert: Art is probably my favorite subject.

Marie: Do you plan on going on to university?

Rupert: I'm not sure actually. I'm on my last year of secondary school and I haven't really decided what I'm going to do yet.

Marie: If you did, what do you think you'd study?

Rupert: Art, definitely. I've never been too interested or good at any of the academic subjects, but I seem to do all right in art. Yeah, I enjoy it as well.

Marie: Who is your favorite character from all the Harry Potter books?

Rupert: Ron has been my favorite character actually through all of them, even before I got the part. It was just really cool when I got the part because it was my favorite character.

Marie: As you're growing up and you're seeing Ron grow up, do you see yourself sharing any similar kinds of interests or feelings about things?

Rupert: Well, there were some sort of similarities before I started in, so that's why I could always relate to Ron as a person. It's like we've both got big families, we've both got ginger hair, we both like sweets. We both don't like spiders as well, which is weird.

Marie: What's the best book that you've read in the past six months?

Rupert: I'm reading a cool book at the moment for English; it's called Of Mice and Men. It's quite good.

Marie: Have you ever seen the movie?

Rupert: No, but I'm going to watch it as part of my revision for it. I'm looking forward to it.

Marie: What's the most outrageous thing that you've bought since you started Harry Potter?

Rupert: I bought this wicked bike, and it's got massive handlebars and it's really cool.

Marie: When you're on the set, do you get to bring things like bikes or scooters?

Rupert: I've brought my unicycle up there a couple of times just to see if I can crack that, but I still haven't learned anything.

Marie: How long have you been riding a unicycle?

Rupert: Well, I've been trying to do it for about two years now, but the only thing I've done is about four pedals and then I fall over horribly.

Marie: What made you pick that up?

Rupert: I don't know. I just wanted to do something a bit different I've had bikes before and ridden them, so I just thought it might be quite cool to try it. It seems like clowns and stuff do it in the circus and it's quite easy, so I thought it'd be really easy, but it really hurts.

Marie: What's your favorite article of clothing?

Rupert: I guess I wear quite a lot of jeans, so probably that.

Marie: Your favorite kind of candy?

Rupert: Oh, God. All of it, really.

Marie: Do you have any favorite type of food?

Rupert: Well, I like ice cream a lot.

Marie: What kind of ice cream?

Rupert: Just any ice cream, because when I was a kid I really wanted to be an ice cream man, and I still quite fancy the job. It just looks like quite a cool job.

Marie: If you could create a flavor of ice cream, what would be in it and what would you name it?

Rupert: They've practically got every flavor already.

Marie: Do you collect anything?

Rupert: When I was a bit younger I used to collect yo-yos because I was quite into that a lot. I had a collection of yo-yos, which was quite cool.

Marie: Is there any special one from that collection?

Rupert: There's one called the Super Yo Satellite, and it broke the record for the longest sleeper, and that was 12 minutes. Yeah, it was quite cool to have that.

Marie: Tell me about the new Professor Dumbledore. What's it like to be working with somebody new in that role?

Rupert: Well, obviously it was quite hard to replace Richard Harris. He was so brilliant for the role and it was really sad to see him go, but this new guy Michael Gambon, he's really good. He's really brought something else to the role.

Marie: Had you seen him in anything before?

Rupert: Yeah, I've seen him on a couple of things. We don't really work with him a lot but when he does come he's really good.

Marie: What do you like to do to relax?

Rupert: Well, I've just started golf and I'm really enjoying that. It's really good fun.

Marie: How well do you play?

Rupert: I've managed to not lose one ball once, which is quite an achievement for me.

Marie: How did you get into golf?

Rupert: My grandfather and my dad play quite a lot, and some of my friends at school play, so I just kind of fancy that. Once when we went up to Scotland for location, it's like, Scotland is like the hometown of golf, and where we were filming there was a golf course right behind a mountain. So uh, yeah, I basically spent every night there playing golf, yeah.

Marie: Is there a certain kind of book that you like to read?

Rupert: Like a genre? I like comedies really, comedy books that make me laugh, or horror books are quite cool.

Marie: Have you read any Stephen King books?

Rupert: Yeah, I've read a couple of his. They're quite good.

Marie: Is there anyone in England that would be like the Stephen King there?

Rupert: I don't think so; he's the main one over here as well.

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