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Stanislav Ianevski as Viktor Krum in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
By Marie Morreale

Stanislav Ianevski as Viktor Krum in Warner Bros. Pictures'
Stanislav Ianevski as Viktor Krum in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
(Photo: Warner Brothers Bros.)
Q: I understand that you had no real acting or professional experience before getting the part of Viktor Krum. How did you get the role?

Stanislav: It's true that this is my very first professional acting job. I got it a little bit by chance, really. I didn't have a magically crazy talent, but I was spotted in college. There was a casting going on, and I was late for registration. The casting director happened to be with the head drama instructor of the school, and when she heard me and saw me, she asked me to go to the casting. I went to the first casting and was then sent to two workshops where I was told the most qualified person would be chosen for the part. I didn't manage to go to all of the workshops because I had an exam on one of them and I almost thought I had lost my chances, but I got a phone call and they wanted to meet me again. Then I met Mike [Newell—the director] and he liked me and I got a part.

Q: Had it ever occurred to you before that you might want to act for a living?

Stanislav: Oh yeah, definitely. I think that a stroke of luck helped, but my dad had been in two films. My mom was a ballerina. My grandma had been an actress as well in the past. I've always sort of wanted to become famous and everything, but I guess that's a dream every child would have.

Q: And your dream came true.

Stanislav: Yeah, that's true.

Q: What part of the Triwizard Tournament did you find the most challenging to film?

Stanislav: Definitely the underwater sequence.

Q: Why?

Stanislav: Well, first it was all done underwater and we had to be trained. We had to learn how to scuba dive, and all the acting was done actually underwater, which is very physically demanding, and quite challenging because you can't really see. You can only see for about a meter ahead of you and everything is blurred and you don't know where the camera is, so you have to actually imagine the whole thing and then act it underwater. There was a scene where Viktor Krum dives under the ship and I had to learn how to do a professional swan dive from about five or six meters high, so that was quite challenging.

Q: How do they film the Quidditch scenes?

Stanislav: It's filmed pretty much as it's seen on the screen. It's filmed in front of a blue screen and then you do all the moves on the broomstick and then they digitally add the scenery behind it.

Q: One of the big scenes you have is dancing with Hermione. Which did you find more difficult: the flying scenes or the dancing scenes?

Stanislav: Definitely the flying scenes.

Q: Were the dancing scenes fun?

Stanislav: Yeah, they were loads of fun. I think we made a great dancing couple. I enjoyed it a lot and I hope she enjoyed it as well. It was very good.

Q: Did you guys have to work with a choreographer for that?

Stanislav: Yes, we had lessons where we were taught the different dances. It was quite tough at first, but once we got into them, we were really one of the best couples there.

Q: Was your costume easy to move around in?

Stanislav: My costume was actually quite difficult to move around in, because it was quite tight. It was made out of this sort of wool, so it was really warm. Actually, it was boiling hot, so I was sweating quite a lot really, but they gave me a mini fan, which I used as a cooling system, so it was fine.

Q: Do you identify with Viktor? Are there qualities that you share with him? How are you different?

Stanislav: We share a lot actually. He's very sporty and I'm sporty as well. He's very good with girls and maybe I am as well. One difference, obviously, is that he's a magician. I can only do a few card tricks. And then, of course, he flies around with a broomstick and I fly with airplanes, so we do have a lot in common.

Q: Besides Viktor and Hermione, what character do you like best in the Harry Potter books?

Stanislav: I like every character, really. They all have a unique style. You know Karkaroff is really powerful. Dumbledore is obviously one of the favorites of the Hogwarts people. I like Voldemort. He's a very fearful character and he's always the threat. I like seeing the bright side, but I also like the dark side.