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Oliver and James Phelps as George and Fred Weasley in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
By Marie Morreale

Q: Who are your favorite characters in the Harry Potter books besides the brothers, Fred and George?

Oliver: Probably Ron, because he's sarcastic as well as quite funny.

Q: What did you like best about filming Goblet of Fire?

Oliver: I think probably the best scene we did was the ball scene, which is when they had the weird sister and the band playing. It was just really good to see the whole set in decorated differently from than how it usually is.

James: To be honest, it has been the best film to make. Behind the camera and as well as in front, it was really fun. We got to learn how to dance as well, which was quite interesting. It was quite funny when I would come home and the teacher would start going over the waltz with me.

Q: You had to take dance lessons for that scene, but what kind of costumes did you have to wear? Were they awkward?

James: I'm going to say it wasn't too bad. It's sort of like a Weasley version of a prom suit, so it wasn't that hard to dance in or anything. It was all right.

Q: When did you guys first think about getting into acting?

James: I'd say our first audition for the film. That was our first thing on the professional scale.

Q: Even as younger kids, there wasn't a secret desire to become an actor?

James: Maybe deep, deep down, but not necessarily. None of the acting desire was in our upbringing like maybe sports was for some of our friends who wanted to play football for England or something, but now it's definitely swayed toward the acting business.

Q: If you hadn't gone into acting, what do you think you would have done as a career?

James: I honestly have no idea. I just have to look at what my friends are doing. They are either in the work trade as an electrician or something, or they've gone off to university, so one of those things.

Q: If you could have a magical power, what would it be?

Oliver: I'd probably like to make time go a little bit slower when I'm running late. I'd like a time enchanter like Hermione has in the third book, but a bit more compact than that.

Q: What do you think were the best secrets revealed in Goblet of Fire?

James: In the story line, I suppose all the building-up to Voldemort actually being in it now. He's not like the back of someone's head or in a book. He's there and it's pretty intense when that comes about. I think that's a pretty good secret. It goes to show how he's very evil. It's sort of all hearsay in the stories, but now you actually see it firsthand.