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Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
By Marie Morreale

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter in Warner Bros. Pictures'
Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)
Q: Have you read all of the Harry Potter books?

Daniel: Yes, I have—and the ones I really like, I've read twice. I read the third one twice, the fourth one twice, and the fifth one twice.

Q: Is there one that you would even consider your very favorite?

Daniel: I really like the fifth one, but my favorite is actually the third.

Q: Other than Harry, do you have a favorite character from the books?

Daniel: I love Lupin and I love Sirius.

Q: Why?

Daniel: It's not so much any aspects of their particular characters, but it's just their relationship with Harry that I love so much. They're both so important to Harry. I think their relationships with him very strongly influence the person that he is, because they're all linked to his father.

Q: What new side of Harry are we going to see in Goblet of Fire?

Daniel: Well, more than before you see Harry losing the plot slightly, because he's not in control of his own life anymore. Not many people are in control of their own lives as teenagers anyway, but particularly now, not only is Harry not in control of his life, but also someone is trying to kill him, which is an added stress. As a result of that loss of control, he's a lot more hostile, I'd say.

Q: You've obviously changed in some ways since you started playing Harry. Other than physical growth, what do you think are the major changes that you have personally gone through?

Daniel: That's a very good question. It's weird, but I think I've just gone through everything that every teenager has gone through, nothing really out of the ordinary. A lot of people would expect me to say everything out of the ordinary, because I'm filming, but I don't think it's really that different.

Q: When you're not filming, do you go back to your regular school?

Daniel: Yep, I do.

Q: Your classmates must be incredibly supportive of you in terms of being an actor. What do they usually ask you when you get back to school?

Daniel: Not everyone at school is supportive. Don't make that mistake. With the ones that are supportive, generally it's weird, because their support has manifested itself in a way so that they don't end up asking me many questions, which is actually really nice, because it's like "well, I just got back." Some people are really interested. I met one boy who really wanted to be an actor. A lot of people who I hang around with generally don't ask me many questions. I don't think many of them care that much. Also, I think a lot of people don't want to ask questions because they want to seem really cool and be like, "Who? Harry who?" I think it's partly a cool thing not wanting to seem over-eager.

Q: And the ones who aren't supportive, how does that get manifested?

Daniel: Just in stupid comments, like "where's your broomstick?" The thing is, I wouldn't mind any of the comments if they were funny or witty, but they're all so horribly inane that they just grate on you.

Q: What did you enjoy most about Goblet of Fire? Do you have any favorite scenes or lines from that movie?

Daniel: I love the graveyard scene. I have to admit that I haven't actually seen the final version yet, but from what I read in the script and how it was filmed, it promises to be really, really good. And I loved working with Mike [Newell—the new director]. I also loved being able to watch Ralph Fiennes act. It was very interesting to see, because I think there is a certain amount of pressure in coming in to play Voldemort and it did not show at all. I know I would have been terrified, because he's supposed to be ultimate evil, and I wouldn't know where to begin with playing ultimate evil, because I'm so nice! Although I'm not implying Ralph Fiennes is evil—that is not the implication at all—because he seemed really nice. I enjoyed watching that, and I just really enjoyed the experience as a whole.

Q: If you could use a port key to go anywhere, where would you go?

Daniel: One place that no one else has ever been to on Earth. I'd like to stand there. I don't know where that place is, though.

Q: Well, only a port key could find that!