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Holes Trivia Quiz

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0 Why did the Yelnats name their son Stanley?
a) It was his grandfather's name.
b) They liked the name.
c) It is Yelnats spelled backward.
d) He looked like a Stanley.
1 Why was Stanley Yelnats cursed?
a) Because of his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather.
b) Because he was a dirty-rotten-no-good kid.
c) Because of his no-good-dirty-rotten-dog-stealing-great-grandfather.
d) Because of his dirty-rotten-no-good life.
2 What was the first artifact Stanley found while digging holes at Camp Green Lake?
a) a shotgun shell
b) buried treasure
c) rattles from a snake
d) a lipstick tube
3 What was Stanley Yelnats's nickname at Camp Green Lake?
a) X-Ray
b) Zero
c) Caveman
d) Armpit
4 What did the K B stand for on the artifact Stanley found?
a) Killer Bees
b) Katherine Barlow
c) Karen Bartley
d) Kathy Bates
5 Why was Charles Walker called Trout?
a) Because he was a good fisherman.
b) Because the best dish he could cook was trout.
c) Because his feet smelled like two dead trout.
d) Because he had a fish face.
6 What was the secret to good health at Camp Green Lake 110 years before Stanley was sent there?
a) snake venom
b) onions
c) a good diet
d) exercise
7 What did the Warden hope to find by digging holes at Camp Green Lake?
a) a bottle of onion juice
b) artifacts from the time when there was water at Camp Green Lake
c) the money Kate Barlow stole from banks
d) none of the above
8 How did Kate Barlow die?
a) She was bitten by a yellow, spotted lizard and died laughing.
b) She was shot by Trout Walker.
c) She was killed in a holdup.
d) She fell in a hole at Camp Green Lake.
9 Which of the following two things or people were named Mary Lou?
a) a dog and a cat
b) a donkey and a boat
c) Trout's wife and his boat
d) Kate Barlow's student and Trout's wife