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Holy Land in Crisis Quiz

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1 Who is the leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization?

a) Crown Prince Abdullah

b) Yasir Arafat

c) Hosni Mubarak

d) Benjamin Netanyahu
1 What sea lies past the northwestern border of Israel?

a) the Dead Sea

b) the Sea of Galilee

c) the Red Sea

d) the Mediterranean Sea
1 Who lived in what is now Israel in the 12th century B.C.?

a) Hebrews and Philistines

b) Babylonians and Persians

c) Romans and Greeks

d) Seleucids
1 Who is David Satterfield?

a) the U.S. Secretary of State

b) a former Israeli Prime Minister, now Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs

c) the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Near East

d) the President of Egypt
1 Palestinian refugees fled their homes during wars in 1948 and 1967. Approximately how many refugees would like to be permitted to return to Israel?

a) 100,000

b) 500,000

c) 1 million

d) 4 million
1 Who is the greatest prophet of Islam?

a) Mohammed

b) Moses

c) Abraham

d) Buddha
1 When did Israel declare its independence?

a) May 14, 1936

b) May 14, 1948

c) May 14, 1967

d) May 14, 1999
1 What is Zionism?

a) a political movement that began in the 1880s to create a state of Israel

b) a political movement that supports the creation of a Palestinian state

c) a philosophy of nonviolence between religions

d) a Palestinian protest movement that began in the 1980s
1 What territory did Israel take from Syria during the 1967 Six-Day War?

a) the Golan Heights

b) the West Bank

c) the Gaza Strip

d) Haifa
1 What Palestinian movement, which began in the 1980s, protested against Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories?

a) Intifada

b) Fatah

c) Jihad

d) Hegira

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