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Richard Robertson
Richard Robertson
(Photo: John Galayda)
Name: Richard Robertson
Age: 13
Hometown: Biloxi, Mississippi
Now living in a new apartment that their new local church helped them to find
School: Beardsley Elementary School
Grade: 6
We were all asleep when the hurricane hit. I heard a loud noise. I jumped up and looked outside. Trees were falling on the ground. I woke my brothers, my mom, and my dad. They said, "I wonder if your sister's all right?" So my dad, my brother, and I walked to my sister's house, but she was not there. She was at work, but my sister's friend said she was watching her kids for her. They said they were scared. My dad said he did not want them walking in the rain, so we left them there.

We headed back home and no one was on the street, not even the cops! We walked home and waited. We heard a loud noise. One of the trees hit my mom's car and left a dent on the roof. So I had to go outside and fix it. It was not hard. We went inside. We heard a louder noise! We went outside again and one side of the apartment the wall was coming apart. Bricks were falling from the apartment. I was scared that somebody was going to steal things out of the apartment. Then at 3:30 p.m., the storm was over. Lots of people walked around looking at the danger the storm left. My father decided along with my grandmother that we should move up here with her. I think that we will stay up here in Bridgeport where we won't have to worry about hurricanes.

Victoria Nelson
Victoria Nelson
(Photo: John Galayda)
Name: Victoria Nelson
Age: 11
Hometown: New Orleans
Now living in: relative's home in Bridgeport, Connecticut
New school: Beardsley Elementary School
Grade: 6
I traveled across half the world to get away from Hurricane Katrina. I was so scared because I really didn't want to lose my home.

It's hard to have to start all over from scratch. Going to a new school. Meeting new people. The worse thing happened to me since Hurricane Katrina was when my family split up. It's sad. I lost the second-most important thing to me: my Build a Bear. I got her as a birthday present from my mom. I got her on April 10, 2005. I only had her 5 months. I really miss her. I miss my home and my neighborhood too. Most of all I miss my family.