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Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina: Your Stories
Comments from teachers and students across the country.

We are a third-grade class from Excelsior Springs, Missouri. We are collecting money for the hurricane victims. One day we collected pennies; the next day, nickels; then dimes and quarters. Tomorrow is dollar day. We've collected so much money. We're also collecting water, canned goods, etc. We hope to help a lot of people out.
—Miss Smith's Class, Missouri

My name is Kelsey and I live in San Antonio, Texas. I am helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina by selling Kool-Aid and saving up all of my extra money. So far I have earned $19.82, and this is only the first week. But my mom, my friend Erica, and I are trying to find new ways help to earn money and to help the victims of Katrina.
—Kelsey M., age 10, Texas

The art and music departments of my school collected the most needed items on Saturday, September 10.
—Carissa K., age 13, Wisconsin

I spent the last few days of my summer vacation selling lemonade to raise money for The Red Cross. During the three-day weekend I raised over $1,000. I hope that other kids see that they can make a difference and also hold events to raise money to help the relief effort.
—Catherine H., age 9, New Jersey

We are helping a friend in Long Beach, Mississippi. My mom's friend is a teacher, but her school and the public library are gone. They are still going to start school—it will help the healing process for the kids. All their books are lost or ruined so we are collecting books to send to the elementary school. My sister and I are giving up our allowances to help pay for the shipping. We've asked friends and our school to help us help them.
Pammy M., Oklahoma

I live in Shreveport, Louisiana. We are getting lots of students at my school, Riverside. They have no homes and live in places in Shreveport and all over other states. My mom says there are shelters that have been set up for them all over Shreveport, and Caddo Parish is going to get 700 new students soon. Please pray for them and send books to Riverside in Shreveport and to other places. Thank you.
—Mackenzie D., age 7, Louisiana

Duneland School Corp. in Chesterton, Indiana, is adopting schools in Mississippi. Each of our 10 schools is collecting and donating specific school-related items.
—Dominee K., Indiana

I was actually affected by Hurricane Katrina. It destroyed my home. I'm safe now, though.
—Sarah T., age 12, Louisiana

I am a fifth-grade grade teacher at Epping Elementary School in Epping, New Hampshire. Our school is collecting school supplies. We are also collecting money through Katrina bracelet sales and other organized fund-raisers. All of the money raised will be used to purchase more school supplies and gift cards for schools that are taking in students displaced by the hurricane.
—Kristen T., New Hampshire

Bernalillo Middle School in New Mexico has been helping victims by collecting canned food and sending it to affected areas.
—Nicole S., age 11, New Mexico