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You are a reporter for your local paper. Your editor has just given you an assignment to write about rebuilding Iraq. Use this guide and Web links to do your research.

Follow the simple steps outlined below to write and print out your story.

The Assignment

Your Editor: Iraq has been in the news a lot recently, and rebuilding the country is a big part of that story. I need you to write an article about what is happening in the country. What is being rebuilt? What still needs repairing? Why is progress slow? What do Iraqis hope the future will bring?

Also, I want you to find out the latest news about rebuilding Iraq, understand? This is an up-to-date paper, for people who want to know what's happening. Now write me a story, quick!

Before starting your story, write a headline and enter your byline. The headline should make someone who bought your newspaper want to read this story. A headline should be short and to the point.

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