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Winning Essays

If I were elected President of the United States, I would close all the liquor stores down, because that way people couldn't drink and drive, causing accidents and death.

I would make people stop doing drugs, because drugs are bad for you and can kill you. Also, people that are on drugs do bad things like steal and rob.

I would help the elderly with their social security and Medicare because I want them to have enough money to live on, and health coverage in case they get sick or hurt.

I would set up programs to help the poor learn a trade so they can get good jobs and pay their own way, so they won't be poor anymore.

I would help set up alternative schools for problem kids who aren't good at regular schools. This will help the kids feel useful and good. The schools would also allow kids to work at their own pace and teach them a job skill, so they won't grow up to be criminals.

I would tax the rich people more, and give the regular people a break. The rich have lots of money and should pay more. Actors and millionaires should pay more money, since they get paid more.

Jerry Short, fourth grade

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