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Winning Essays

If I were President, I would make Washington, D.C., a cleaner, safer place. My campaign slogan, "More Jobs, More Money, More Banks," means hiring people to clean up graffiti and planting flowers and trees in new and old parks, while others clean up the Anacastia and Potomac rivers. Signmakers would make signs about not polluting.

I would make sure the homeless people got a place to stay in shelters, until they either got a job or their education grants came in. Food would be provided by the people who bake lots of food daily for all the parties that Washington, D.C., is famous for.

Elementary schools would have programs for after school to do science, art, music, and sports. More teachers, more jobs, more money, more bankers. There would be more doctors, dentists, hospitals, nurses, and more healthy and happy people. Everyone who wants a job could find a job. There will also be loans or grants, and for people who don't want to work, the grants would be of the amount of $200 per week.

One of my programs would be to see that every lonely child would have a pet. Dogs, cats, mice, rats, fish. Lucky ones would get a bird or a ferret. But no alligators or crocodiles for pets. A happy and healthy Washington, D.C., will have less crime. Less crime, more tourists, more tourists, more money, more money, more banks.

I have a secret plan for a water park, which involves the Washington Monument and the Mall, but that's for my second term! So come and see it, you'll like it.

Joanna Ritchie, fifth grade

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