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If I were elected President of the United States of America, I would have my uncle Pat be Vice President because he knows everything. I would move the White House to Riverside because I would be homesick. I would have free tours of the White House and let kids fly in Air Force One whenever I'm not using it.

I would change the school days to the weekend and let kids have weekdays off. For school lunch I would let the kids vote for what they wanted to eat. I would have a swimming pool in every school. School wouldn't start till 9 a.m., because everyone likes to sleep in. No homework for girls! There would be a pet day once a week.

I would outlaw smoking so people wouldn't get sick and die. Retirement age would change to 50 instead of 65.

No one would have to work on their birthday. I would move the Cubs and the Bears to Iowa City, Iowa. I would have famous country singers come to Riverside for Trek Fest every year. The Westminister Dog Show would only allow hounds to show. There would be 100 cartoon channels and 50 adult channels on TV—all free. Rap music would be outlawed. And finally, Christmas would come four times a year.

Katie Seaton, fourth grade

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