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If I were elected to be President, I would pick up all of the trash so the world would look nicer. I would have the soldiers come home from Iraq. I would try to stop all of the fighting and all of the wars in the world.

I would try to make homes for the homeless people and get them all they need to live. I would also try to let them live a happy life. I would try to get the schools everything they need so our kids would get the best education in the world.

I would try to save our parks and animals and all natural resources from being destroyed. There are many people who do not have jobs. I would make sure that there were enough jobs for everyone so no one is without work. I know people are not always treated fairly. I would work hard to make sure that everyone is treated equally.

I would try to make the roads a little bit better so they didn't have so many holes or cause so many traffic jams. Some people have to drive a long time and be stuck in traffic before they get to work. It would be nice if people could be with their family more instead of being on the road. I would give teachers special awards and more money for doing a good job of teaching kids.

Logan Michel, fourth grade

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