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My Lunch With Dan Gutman

Ten students from Riverside School in Iowa won a special lunch with author Dan Gutman. Each wrote a winning essay about what they would do if they were President.

"If I were elected to be President, I would pick up all of the trash so the world would look nicer," wrote Logan, a fourth-grader at Riverside. He also said he wants to bring the soldiers home from Iraq. "I would try to stop all of the fighting and all of the wars in the world."

Third-grader Paige would make a national holiday for chocolate chip cookie dough! But not until she had helped the poor and stopped drug abuse.

Worried about being homesick, fourth-grader Katie would move the White House to Riverside. She also wants to make her uncle Pat Vice President, "because he knows everything!"

Joanna , fifth grade, would make sure every lonely child had a pet.

"I have a secret plan for a water park, which involves the Washington Monument and the Mall, " she wrote, "but that's for my second term!"

To find out more about what these kids would do if they were President, click on the list of names to the right. Then be sure to send in your essay about what the world would be like if you were President. Peanut butter pizzas at every state dinner?
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My Lunch With Dan Gutman
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After writing award-winning essays about what they would do if they were President, these Riverside School students won a lunch with author Dan Gutman (from left): Jerry, Logan, Katie, Emily, Cameron, Paige, Joanna, and Elijah. (Photo courtesy Riverside School, Riverside, Iowa)