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Students' Essays

I would give jobs to the people without them, and I would allow people who are under 18 to vote because they should have that right.
—Andrea L., age 11, Arkansas

If I am elected to be President I will make this world a better place. I will do more than just sit in my chair. I will stop the taxes for the people who are poor and have no homes. The homes that are not being used I will give to the poor. I would make schools a better place by giving them extra supplies.
—Richard C., age 11, New York

If I was President, I wouldn't make anyone do what they didn't want to do. I also would listen to what everyone thinks. I would do all these things because no one would put a controlling person in charge of their country. For example, I might think that everyone should have volunteer jobs and not get paid. Everyone might not want to do that, so I would have a meeting and see what else we can do because it's not volunteering if you don't want to do it. I would listen to everyone's opinion because if I want to fix a situation and my solution could put the country in danger, someone might come and show me another way to do it. The presidency is an important thing.
—Janine L., age 11, New York

If I were President, I would make peace in the world. I would end war. I would put a force field around each part of the world so there will be no war. I would put a force field on the sky. I would put electric gates to trap the people that want war.
—Derek T., age 8, New York

If I became President, I would try to make the country more pleasant and peaceful. I would do as much as I could to prevent wars in, or including, our country. I would give money to environmental funds. I would ban the cars that pollute the most. I would help the needy and poor in all the ways I could. I would try my best at the hard job and I would stick with what I believed in. I would protect all endangered animals and have special reserves for them. I would have special classes for kids with disabilities so they would not be teased and so the kids would know they weren't the only people who are different. If I became President I would try to get people to agree with me, because if no one supported me I wouldn't be able to do anything.
—Eliana P., age 9, Massachusetts

I think it is not right that kids who live in orphanages get treated the way they do. You should speak out against it because you just might get into a situation where you or someone you know has to go to an orphanage. They need to always have clean clothes and be treated just how you would want to be treated!
—Alli G., age 12, Colorado

If I were President, there would be three days of school.
—Zachary L., age 9, Connecticut

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