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Voting Scavenger Hunt


1.      Jessica believes voting was our forefathers' dream.

2.      It allows students to visit official polling sites on Election Day, and lets them cast a ballot similar in content to the official ballot.

3.      the NBC Parent Participation TV Workshop

4.      October 28, 2004

5.      If you will not be in your voting precinct on Election Day, and there are special circumstances, you can cast your vote before Election Day.

6.      18

7.      Nebraska and West Virginia

8.      a voter who is not strictly loyal to a particular party

9.      register voters at concerts, events, and where ever young people are; street-market Rock the Vote campaigns; implement Rock the Vote's election programs; empower young people

10.  1990

11.  New Hampshire, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Wisconsin

12.  "We the people" must decide how to run our country.