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Election Quiz

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0 What is a delegation?
a. a group of people
b. a group of candidates
c. a meeting before a caucus
d. a meeting before a primary
1 Which states have the most influence on Super Tuesday?
a. Connecticut, Georgia, and Maryland
b. California, New York, and Ohio
c. New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina
d. Rhode Island, Vermont, and Massachusetts
2 Who won the Iowa caucus?
a. Howard Dean
b. Richard Gephardt
c. Wesley Clark
d. John Kerry
3 What is one thing Wesley Clark Jr. thinks his father would improve if elected President?
a. economy
b. education
c. health care
d. transportation
4 If Richard Gephardt is elected President, his son thinks he should focus on __________ first.
a. health care
b. poverty
c. education
d. the war
5 Where did the Democratic presidential candidates debate on January 11?
a. New Hampshire
b. Texas
c. Iowa
d. South Carolina
6 At the Florida Democratic Convention, Joe Lieberman said he would help __________ if he is elected President.
a. the lower class
b. the middle class
c. the upper class
d. everyone
7 When is Florida's primary?
a. March
b. April
c. May
d. June
8 Why is New Hampshire an important state in the Democratic presidential race?
a. A lot of Democrats live there.
b. It has a large population.
c. Six of the candidates were born in New Hampshire.
d. The first primary is held there.
9 On what did the candidates agree at the January 22 debate in New Hampshire?
a. The war in Iraq was necessary.
b. Every American child should have health care.
c. They would rather be in the warm weather in Florida.
d. Running for President is hard work.