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Kerry Talks Jobs on Bus Tour
By Lauren Gentile, 13, Michigan
Scholastic Student Reporter

Scholastic Student Reporter Lauren Gentile checks out the bus used for the John Kerry "Jobs First" bus tour through four states this week. Lauren intercepted Kerry at his stop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Photo: Courtesy Lauren Gentile)
Wednesday, April 28—Senator John Kerry revealed the third and final pillar of his economic plan during a three-day, four-state "Jobs First Express" bus tour this week. He ended his campaign swing through West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan at the Washtenaw Community College Auditorium in Ann Arbor today.

"The third step in my economic plan is to invest in the future," Kerry told a roaring crowd. He explained that this part of his plan will help the country expand broadband Internet access, help develop and grow small- and medium-sized businesses, and provide access to college degrees and job training.

"I want the people who are learning about their jobs right now to have a job waiting for them when they graduate from college," Kerry said.

Kerry said he would introduce a college opportunity tax credit to allow federal tax deductions of up to $4,000 for each school year.

To boost the economy, he wants to give the middle class a tax cut to lower the income taxes they pay on their wages.

The second pillar, announced earlier on the bus tour, is to make America more competitive economically with other countries. Kerry proposes reforming health care to lower insurance costs, and ending tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas. He also promised to cut the nation's deficit spending in half in four years, and promote policies to make America independent of foreign oil for its energy needs.