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Missouri the Big Prize in February 3 Primaries
By Erin M. Sullentrup, 11, Missouri
Scholastic Student Reporter

Scholastic Student Reporter Kristen Toliver talks to Senator John Kerry at an event in South Carolina on January 30. Kerry took off to campaign in Missouri and other states also voting in a primary on Tuesday, February 3. Missouri has the most delegates at stake in Tuesday's election. (Photo by Steven Ehrenberg)

Friday, January 30—Missouri's 88 delegates are up for grabs now that candidate Dick Gephardt has dropped out of the race for President. The Missouri Congressman pulled out of the race after placing fourth in the Iowa caucuses earlier this month.

Missouri's primary election will be held on Tuesday, February 3, along with six other states. As the largest state in the group, Missouri's delegates are important to the remaining seven candidates in the race. Voter turnout in the state, which has 3.8 million registered voters, could be the deciding factor.

"Voter turnout should be no more than 30 percent," said Richard Bauer, assistant director of the Board of Election Commissioners in St. Louis County, Missouri. Turnout is always higher during the general elections in the fall. In the 2000 November general election, 2.3 million Missouri voters went to the polls. Nearly 1.9 million voted in the 2002 midterm elections.

In the past, St. Louis County has been predominately Democratic. Bauer explained that now the county is 50-50 Democrats and Republicans.

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts came to St. Louis to campaign on January 28, the day after he won the New Hampshire primary. He held a rally at St. Louis Community College on the Forest Park campus. Also, St. Louis hosted visits from Senator John Edwards of North Carolina and the Rev. Al Sharpton of New York. Other candidates expected to visit the state are former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and retired General Wesley Clark.

Other states voting on the same day as Missouri are South Carolina, Delaware, Arizona, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and North Dakota.

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