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U.S. Senator Joseph Leiberman
U.S. Senator Joseph Leiberman dropped out of the race in February. (Photo Courtesy Joe Lieberman for President, Inc. 2003)
Joe Lieberman

(Joe Lieberman dropped out of the race in February.)

Age: 61
State: Connecticut
Current Job: Senator
Family: wife, Hadassah Lieberman; four children; three grandchildren

Strengths: People recognize his name from nearly winning the role of Vice President in 2001, when he ran with then-presidential candidate Al Gore. Lieberman is admired by many for having deep religious convictions. During the Clinton administration, Lieberman was the most prominent Democrat to publicly criticize the President for his inappropriate behavior with a White House intern. This demonstrated his strong moral convictions, especially since he supported Clinton politically.

Weaknesses: Despite having name recognition, Lieberman is trailing in polls and hasnít raised as much money as other less-known candidates. He may lose some liberal Democrats who perceive him to be too conservative on policy issues.

Best Issues: Lieberman has vowed to reduce the poverty rate to its lowest in our nationís history within four years. He has proposed to reignite the U.S. economy by encouraging new ideas. He plans to reduce our dependence on foreign oil within 10 years and help America completely kick its foreign-oil habit within 20 years.

Lieberman compared the Bush administration to the old Soviet Union, which was governed by the now-widely criticized Communist Party. He also called the Bush administration "the most anti-environmental administration in our history."