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Voting Scavenger Hunt

Use the following Web site links to answer the following questions and to learn more about voting.

Kids Voting USA

National Student/Parent Mock Election

New Millennium Young Voters Project

By the People: Election 2004

Rock the Vote

Take Your Kids to Vote Campaign

1.      Why does National Student Panel member Jessica think voting is important?

2.      What does Kids Voting USA provide that no other program like it does?

3.      The National Student/Parent Mock Election started as part of another project. What was that project?

4.      When is the next Mock Election Day?

5.      What is absentee voting?

6.      How old do you have to be to vote?

7.      What two states are holding primaries on May 11?

8.      What is a swing voter?

9.      What are some things street teams do?

10.    When was Rock the Vote founded?

11.    Which states don't allow citizens to register to vote by mail?

12.    On what principle was America founded?

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