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Character Quiz

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0 Which character loves sports and is a great athlete?
a. Andy
b. Maya
c. Miguel
d. Chrissy
1 When Abuela Elena calls her grandchildren "mis angelitos," what does she mean?
a. my little kids
b. my children
c. my special kids
d. my little angels
2 Maya is bilingual. She can speak English and __________.
a. Mandarin
b. Italian
c. Spanish
d. German
3 What kind of animal is Paco?
a. dog
b. rabbit
c. parrot
d. snake
4 Miguel is ________ than Maya.
a. older
b. shorter
c. more creative
d. taller
5 Who speaks Spanish and English like Maya and Miguel?
a. Andy
b. Chrissy
c. Maggie
d. Theo
6 What kind of store do Maya and Miguel's parents own?
a. clothing
b. grocery
c. pet
d. book
7 What is Señor Felipe's job?
a. librarian
b. bus driver
c. doctor
d. mail carrier
8 Where did Tito live before moving to the United States?
a. Spain
b. Mexico
c. Brazil
d. Peru
9 Which is a characteristic of Maggie?
a. outspoken
b. shy
c. quiet
d. loud