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The Santos Family.
The Santos Family.
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Maya (voiced by Candi Milo): Maya is creative and is always looking to help people around her. When you hear her say "¡Eso es!" ("That's it!") or "¡Tengo una ideas!" ("I have an idea!"), look for an adventure! Maya can speak Spanish and English.

Miguel (voiced by Nika Futterman): Miguel is just a few minutes older than his twin sister. He is also very different from her. Miguel is patient and you often hear him saying "Yo te conozco, Maya . . . " ("I know you, Maya . . . ").

Santiago and Rosa Santos (voiced by Carlos Ponce and Elizabeth Peña): They are Maya and Miguel's parents. Santiago is from Puerto Rico and Rosa is from Mexico. They own a local pet store. Rosa always knows when her kids are up to something.

Abuela Elena (voiced by Lupe Ontiveros): She is Rosa's mother, and the twins' grandmother. She even calls her grandchildren "mis angelitos" ("little angels"). But when things get out of control for Maya and Miguel, their grandma is always there to rescue them.

Paco (voiced by Carlos Alazraqui): Paco is the family's pet parrot who loves to talk. He even comments about what is going on in the show. Paco speaks English and Spanish and often repeats what he says. This technique will help viewers learn knew vocabulary words and phrases.

Maggie (voiced by Lucy Liu): Maggie is Maya's friend. She is very outspoken and often teams up with Maya when she has a plan. Maggie is also bilingual, but she speaks English and Mandarin.

Chrissy (voiced by Beth Payne): Chrissy is another one of Maya's best friends. She often questions Maya's plans. Like Maya, Chrissy speaks Spanish and English. But she is from African-American and Afro-Dominican parents. Chrissy also loves animals.

Andy (voiced by Jeannie Elias): Andy is one of Miguel's best friends. He is Euro-American. Andy loves sports and is a great athlete. He cheers for others and says, "Go for it!"

Theo (voiced by Jerod Mixon): Theo loves to read and is a fast learner when it comes to languages. He knows lots of useful information.

Alberto "Tito" Chavez (voiced by Candi Milo): He is Maya and Miguel's cousin, who recently emigrated from Mexico. He speaks Spanish, but is learning English. He really enjoys hanging out with his cousins.

Señor Felipe (voiced by Erik Estrada): He is the mail carrier for Maya and Miguel's neighborhood. He is good friends with Abuela Elena. Maya and Miguel love when Señor Felipe brings them mail.