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Interview With Maya and Miguel

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Maya and Miguel Talk to Scholastic News Online

Maya and Miguel
Miguel and Maya.
(Photo: © Scholastic Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.)
Maya and Miguel are starring in a new cartoon! Scholastic News Online recently caught up with the twins to ask them a few questions. See what they had to say about the family, what they like to do for fun, and more. Be sure to watch Maya and Miguel on PBS.

SN: Where are some of your favorite places to hang out?
Maya: We love to hang out with our friends at the Community Center—there's always something fun going on there!
Miguel:: And the soccer field. Don't forget soccer!
Maya: It's also fun spending time at Papi and Mam´'s pet shop because it's full of all sorts of cool animals.
Miguel:: School is a great place too, and sometimes we drop by Sr. Lopez's bakery or just hang out at Abuela's across the hall.

SN: Can you tell me a little bit about your friends?
Miguel:: Andy is cool, and he's great at all kinds of sports. Theo is super smart and always has tons of information in his head.
Maya: Chrissy really likes cats, and she speaks both Spanish and English just like we do. Maggie is a real fashionista—she has great taste and knows all about the latest in everything!

SN: Your cousin Tito came from Mexico. Do you help him learn English?
Maya: Yes! He is always asking questions. We help him understand new words, and his English is getting better and better! We show him how great it is to be able to speak two languages. We also teach him all about living in the United States.

SN: Which was your first language: English or Spanish?
Miguel:: We learned them both at the same time from Mamá and Papi.
Maya: Abuela speaks with us in Spanish a lot, but we mostly speak to our friends around the neighborhood in English.

SN: Is your grandma a good cook? What's your favorite food that she makes?
Maya: Yes! She's a great cook! It's hard to pick just one thing.
Miguel:: Yeah, she makes great buñuelos and awesome tamales.

SN: Why is family important to you?
Miguel:: Our family is always there to help us out and listen to us. Mamá and Papi teach us all sorts of things—like how important it is to try your best, even when things get tough.
Maya: And Abuela tells us great stories about growing up in Mexico. And we always have fun with Tito too.
Miguel:: And don't forget Paco—he's part of our family, and we're part of his flock!

Miguel and Maya
Miguel and Maya.
(Photo: © Scholastic Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.)
SN: What do your parents do when you get into mischief?
Maya: They usually understand that we only meant to help and that, well, sometimes things don't go quite like we planned.
Miguel:: They try to teach us the right thing to do. But sometimes, we have to clean out the cages in the pet shop . . .

SN: Do you like being a twin? Why or why not?
Miguel:: Yeah, it's cool. Sometimes Maya does crazy things, but I think I'll keep her. At least for now.
Maya: I love being a twin. We're perfect together—Miguel helps to keep my feet on the ground while my head is in the clouds!

SN: Who are your role models?
Maya: Mamá, Papi, and Abuelita.
Miguel:: They're the best!

SN: If you could be anyone for one day, who would it be?
Miguel:: A famous soccer player!
Maya: I'd be a doctor or maybe President of the United States.

SN: What is your favorite game to play?
Maya and Miguel:: Soccer!

SN: What do you want kids like you to learn from you?
Miguel:: That helping people makes you feel really good inside.
Maya: And that you can do anything you set your mind to!